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POLYTIA Armos is a multi-disciplined partnership engaged in a broad spectrum of Design Consultancy services in Cyprus and Greece such as architecture, urban planning, interior design, civil engineering, etc. The office is considered amongst the major practices in Cyprus, not only based on the size of the company, but especially for the amplitude and the depth of resources and knowledge.

The strategic direction of the practice is guided by an unrelenting persistence in quality. This principle is sageguarded by the senior partners: Founder and chairman, Head of design and studio, Head of engineering and planning.

The practice is currently undertaking projects related to:

Architectural Design

Urban Design

Town and Regional Planning

Landscape Design

Interior Design

Civil and Structural Engineering

Place Branding

Corporate Image Consultancy

Furniture Design

Project Management

Environmental and Transportation Studies

Feasibility Studies

Graphic Design

Seminar and Special Event Planning

Expert's Tours Planning

Exhibition Design and Curating

Public Participation Consultancy

All the partners are responsible for bearing their expertise in every field that they act as leaders and at the same time as team members for the development of design from its strategic concept to its detailed realization. The establishment of an experienced scientific team is a prerequisite for proper organization of the project in order to ensure the quality of the project. The office’s teams have excellent knowledge and sufficient experience in projects that require coordination among various disciplines both at the design stage and at the construction. More specifically, all team members are able to ensure personal service and close contact between them and the client, from the first meetings to the hand-over of the finished building.

The design of each new project is reviewed regularly, both formally and informally. This process takes place under the direction of the senior partners. As architects, they have the responsibility of coordinating, counseling, supervising the design process and the construction stage as well. 

The development of a design concept is characterized by a range of specialist disciplines such as materials, environmental research, product design, space planning, interior design, communications, graphics, visualizations, model making and 3D computer modeling. The whole process is supported by specialist individuals or teams with particular expertise in information technology, contract and construction management.

The revolution of digital technology has given the opportunity today to design and build structures with complex geometric forms. The architectural department has an advanced 3D computer modeling capability which allows architects to explore design solutions quickly and to communicate data to consultants and contractors effectively. The office is using innovative hardware solutions (eg, 3D printers and laser cutters), nevertheless, traditional model making still plays a critical role in the design process and the office has the ability to produce everything from sketch models to full size mock-ups. 

Furthermore, the office has an information center filled by a wide range of architectural and design magazines and books that help architects to select products and new materials in order to create and produce inspirational as well as sustainable buildings. Our aim is to establish a sustainability profile for every project and to promote the use of sustainable technologies and methods throughout the practice. We have the responsibility to try to persuade clients to adopt sustainable strategies so as to ensure that the practice remains at the forefront of architectural innovation. 

Finally, the office provides formal and informal training to the practice’s staff on a range of issues, including visualization techniques, town planning, architectural design, time management, contract and construction management and public relations. Through this we are able to keep the workforce up-to-date with new knowledge and techniques and at the same time to evaluate their relevance and appropriateness for individual projects. 

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