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Architecture is the focal point of POLYTIA Armos. The architectural and engineering services which are provided cover all specialized fields required to successfully design and construct a single or a complex of buildings. Design excellence and quality of aesthetics are of paramount importance to the firm and at the same time the state-of-the-art technology is being used in all types of projects. Moreover, cost reduction methods are employed to all the design and construction periods of various projects. Project types include: residential, commercial, office, educational, cultural, recreational, hospitality, etc.

Strategy, Planning and Urban Development

POLYTIA Armos has a great experience in the development of urban design and planning in Cyprus. We provide creative solutions and innovative designs for the development of large and complex master plans and for the conception and implementation of large infrastructure projects. Moreover, we try to integrate the principals of sustainable urban design into all projects in order to minimize resource consumption and negative impacts on the natural environment. Services offered include area master planning, area and subdivision detailed design and planning, the development of land use regulations and design guidelines, landscape design, the integration of urban planning and urban design with transportation and infrastructure planning and design, and on-going master plan implementation services. Documents which are stating requirements related to urban form and structure are readily usable by sub-developers to plan their projects. Development Management includes all ongoing services in order to implement master plans, including design reviews and sub-developer and consultant management.

Structural Engineering

POLYTIA Armos is involved in the field of engineering that is dealing with the analysis and design of structures or resist loads. Economical structural systems are used in a variety of projects in order to ensure that the designs satisfy given design criteria, predicated on safety or serviceability and performance.

Landscape Design

POLYTIA Armos practices the art of arranging or modifying the features of a landscape for aesthetic or practical purposes. We are able to accomplish the diverse need of the contemporary society with the development of the landscape architecture in various projects.The services that the firm offers include: site analysis, ecological planning, site planning, hardscape design, softscape design, planting plans, plant material selection, site furniture design, exterior lighting design and exterior graphics design for a variety of project types including educational campuses, waterfront developments, and residential developments.

Interior Design

Among the services of POLYTIA Armos is the development of innovative and stylish design concepts. A wide variety of materials and the most up to date technology is being used in order to provide comprehensive interior design varying in scale, complexity and type of project. Space planning, furniture design and selection, interior landscape, corporate identity, exhibition design, residential, office, commercial, cultural, recreational and hospitality facilities are included in this service of POLYTIA Armos.

Graphic Design

We are able to develop a variety of interior and exterior graphic signage programs. Each project responds directly to the client’s needs. We have the experience to deliver inventive graphics with no formulas and no boundaries.

Project & Construction Management

POLYTIA – Armos provides project and construction management and site supervision consultancy services. The offices of the firm are located in Nicosia, Cyprus and in Thessaloniki and Athens, Greece in order to provide full services regionally and internationally. P&CM goal is to ensure that all projects are completed within scope, on time, with highest quality and within budget. Professional CM methods are frequently used so as to ensure that services such as constructability reviews, project development, construction supervision and management are performed to high standards of engineering excellence and conform to all applicable plans, specifications, rules and regulations. The excellent interaction of construction expertise and design has many benefits on improving the constructing strategy, adapting design packages to fit a subcontracting plan and to meet construction needs. Therefore, the skills and knowledge of the firm’s personnel regarding construction management and site supervision services should be provided in the early stages of the project. POLYTIA Armos employs qualified and trained professionals to manage the following construction activities:

Time Management: We are responsible for monitoring Contractor’s work in order to ensure progress is according to the approved schedule. This can be achieved by continually evaluating resources, materials and equipment on site and by specifying any problems and concerns that interact on the work progress.

Cost/Claim Control: We utilize analytical methods and procedures for monitoring, analyzing, forecasting and controlling the costs on a construction project. At the same time we review every claim according to specification and design drawings for each Contractor.

Quality Management: We provide the necessary planning, checking reviewing and feedback needed to constantly monitor and control project’s operations. In order to offer the client value for money, we secure the appropriate time, cost and product quality in all projects.

Health & Safety: One of our main concerns is to provide and secure health and safety issues by monitoring the specifications and standard safety procedures outlined in the approved Safety Plan. Each engineer has overall responsibility for establishing a commitment to safety and for assuring the project safety program is implemented.

Effective Communication: We are responsible for promoting effective communication among all parties involved so as to exchange valuable information and solve issues before they became problems.

Procedures and Guidelilnes: Construction management operations are based on proven procedures and guidelines which are common to all projects. Even though each project is different as regards to nature and complexity, the main body can be structured through the foundation for established construction management.

POLYTIA Armos has an experienced group of employees with professional registrations and well-rounded construction management and site supervision expertise and experience. The company develops organizational teams drawing upon our proven experience in order to offer services to a number of large-scale projects.


POLYTIA Armos provides counseling on strategic and development issues since it has many years of experience and knowledge of different project types. The services of consultancy are offered with a focus on value creation in the early stages of a project – before the programme, competition or building process is commenced. We collaborate with many different specialists and counselors in order to develop new ideas and strategies regarding urban development, sustainability strategies, public participation and much more. Our experience in planning and managing processes with many different participants has given us the opportunity to gain the necessary knowledge for consultancy on different fields.

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