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POLYTIA Armos is involved in building and counseling projects for more than 35 years and therefore the experience and knowledge is applied on processes and working methods that are continually developed. The office is able to ensure the development of a productive process from the conception of the first idea to the submission of the completed project.

The vision and quality of a project can be secured through the development of a dynamic process in which the various core competences meet and contribute to mutual progress. More specifically, a high level of quality through the whole process can be secured by the following:

Quality of the project (spatiality, aesthetics, functionality, finances)

Quality of the collaboration (responsiveness, flexibility, trust)

Quality of the organization (competences, experience, expertise)

A good process can be developed through the following key concepts:

Idea development

Interdisciplinary collaboration

Project management

Quality assurance

Idea Development

The first step of the process is the idea development with the purpose of producing the best possible result. The idea is defined through an open, inspiring dialogue with the client and the attached professionals and stakeholders in order to develop projects that would last any years into the future. Our ideas are inspired by the world around us, including essential values regarding building design, the human scale, the importance of daylight, materials and sustainability. Our knowledge is gained through our experience, training, courses and debates, as well as through internal knowledge sharing with partners, specialists and experienced project employees. Therefore, we ensure a high quality result based on state-of-the–art knowledge.

Interdisciplinary Collaboration

Interdisciplinarity and collaboration are essential aspects of the project’s high quality and value. Our effort to increase the project value is enhanced by the close interaction with innovative, strategic partners and project stakeholders. The knowledge and experience from numerous projects has taught us that the open dialogue can act as a development tool where the various professional competences challenge, inspire and supplement each other. A dynamic process developed by the best possible team of professional experts with sufficient interdisciplinary communication and interaction leads to the accomplishment of a successful project. Whether dealing with a building project, consultancy or a masterplan we achieve our goals through a smooth process where a manager coordinates the work of the project team at all levels.

Project Management

POLYTIA Armos has developed tools and methods of planning, organizing, securing and managing resources in order to reach every projects goals and objectives. Our challenge is to enhance the allocation and integration of inputs necessary to meet pre-defined objectives while taking into consideration the project constraints. We ensure that the collaboration with clients and the right stakeholders is based on the users requests and views while having a constant attention to the time frame and financial framework of each project. In order to experience efficient project management POLYTIA Armos creates the team with the best possible stakeholders and the process manager who is in charge of the process. The team in collaboration with the client and possible user groups are able, through a continuous qualification of the presented ideas, to find the solutions that most clearly convey the vision of the project.

Design Management

The first step of a projects process is to assign an experienced design manager who is in charge of the project. The project manager is responsible for the smooth and constant flow of the process through ensuring the quality, communication, progress and financial aspects of the project. Each phase of the design process is ended by a joint adaptation of expectations and a pre-approval from the client. After the design phase, the project is handed over to the building company and at the same time is ensured that the materials are sufficient and that all parties understand the material in full. Throughout the whole process the design manager is the responsible for the follow-up and supervision ensuring the progress and continual quality of the project.

Construction Management

The essential phase during the process of the realization of the project is to emphasize the appropriate importance to the planning, follow-up, change management and progress while ensuring the safety and health of everyone working at the site. The construction manager is introduced to the project during the detailed design phase where the client, design manager and the construction manager plan the building period. In addition, the construction manager is the link between the designers, the contractor and the operating parties by ensuring the necessary follow-up from the team of consultants in case of changes or unexpected problems.

Quality Assurance

Quality assurance can be provided with the quality system which is responsible to identify processes and areas of responsibility and to ensure that the client receives the expected product. POLYTIA Armos has formulated its quality procedures in a quality handbook, which is continuously evaluated and brought up to date. We are able to maintain the quality of a project through a continuous dialogue and adapting of expectations. In all design phases, the project manager is in charge of carrying out evaluations, project examination, project control and at the same time focus on risk management as an integrated part of the project. After the design phase, the building manager is performing technical inspections and project follow-up meetings in order to ensure a high quality of the project. Through a continuous project examination which takes place during the course of a project, we ensure that materials are consistent and without faults. After the completion of the project we always carry out one year inspections of our buildings to ensure that the quality level is maintained after use before the various guarantees from the craftsmen expire.

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