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The building industry produces almost 40% of CO2 emissions and thus incorporating sustainability into building processes is extremely important. The knowledge of energy optimization and reduction is an essential design parameter in order to incorporate energy efficiency into building designs.

POLYTIA Armos projects are characterized by environmentally friendly design and integrated, energy efficient solutions. In addition, a high degree of social responsibility is developed not only in relation to materials and production but also regarding positive, social spaces encouraging intimacy and community. The qualitative and quantitative objectives of a project can interact and the selected tools support each other in order to create value for all aspects.

Solutions to reduce energy consumption in building processes should be incorporated into projects from the very early stages. We constantly strive to save energy consumption by designing and situating correctly (functional positioning, height, width and depth) in relation to the surrounding urban landscape and climate. More specifically, the indoor climate is of great importance since energy consumption compensates for the poor indoor climate and comfort of a building. Therefore, making the right decisions leads to creating values which is the objective of sustainability.

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