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Nowadays, the field of architecture has taken a significant technological step forward. Even though a number of new tools have been introduced in the field, the very first ideas are still outlined with a pen and paper.

Previously, it was necessary to build a mock-up to get an overview of all the details in a complicated design, which was very costly. Today, 3D projection gives you the opportunity to have a far better understanding of all the design spaces. 3D design is a powerful communication tool across all disciplines in the building process. It can be used to communicate architecture to clients and to share detailed information between all parties in the design process. More specifically, the use of 3D projection strengthens collaboration between architects and engineers with the result of much better projects.

Parametric design is the method that allows you to focus on solving design issues and provides you with an unequalled opportunity to test many variations of a design with a high degree of detail and precision. By means of parametric design, it is possible to hold on to some basic elements and change other isolated elements.The office has all the necessary Computer Aided Design hardware and software, as well as organisational support facilities.

In order to keep in touch with new technological and scientific development, all personnel are constantly and systematically undertaking training through seminars, lectures and programs continuing educational and professional development.

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