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POLYTIA Armos continually exploits new opportunities in order to gain more and more knowledge in relation to architecture. Innovation, research and development are necessary and essential disciplines for the development of the field. Preliminary analyses play a huge role regarding the strategic objective and concept of a project.

The strategic approach to knowledge that is applied through new developments covers the long company history. Openness, curiosity and professionalism have always been characteristics of all the company's projects. Today, the company is one of the leading players in Cyprus through possessing up-to-date knowledge of architecture's manifestations (technological and academical).


POLYTIA Armos seek for new architectural and technological knowledge in order to provide the very best solution for each individual project. Innovation is a natural part of all projects by keeping an open mind during the process and applying available knowledge and technological opportunities.


As opportunities change over time, new researches are developed that suggest new solutions and solve present challenges. Thus, we take advantage of all the available knowledge in order to create value for the projects. This can also be accomplished by providing energy efficient buildings in all scales. The energy-saving and environmentally friendly architecture is the main concern in the development of all projects.


POLYTIA Armos is involved in a number of development projects in which interdisciplinary collaborations combine accurate knowledge and solutions in the creative process. It is necessary to reduce the distance between researchers results and the use of these in the building industry in order to apply energy reduction, comfort, aesthetics and durability in all projects.

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